Helping you discover the health-promoting benefits of pure, raw Aloe Vera gel (sabila) is more than a job; it is our mission and our vision. Stockton Aloe #1 began with the pioneering work of Rodney Stockton, more than 60 years ago. Today, our work is centered on combining 100% pure, drinkable Aloe Vera gel with other natural and organic ingredients to produce our Ultra-Healing Aloe creams, cosmetics, and personal care items. We focus on a deeper understanding of Aloe’s potential use in a variety of health and wellness needs: Aloe may have applications for Crohn’s, IBD, GERD, diabetes, immune system disorders, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, vaginal yeast (Candida albicans) and much more. Natural Aloe Vera gel also shows promise for helping shingles, acne, and other ailments. Many use it for their pets…including aloe for horse health! From personal experience, we are convinced of these basic principles:
  1. Nature has remedies that are often more effective and better for your health than anything the drugstore has to offer.
  2. The closer we can get to raw and natural substances, the more life-enhancing are the potential benefits. Raw Aloe Vera, for instance, can be much more beneficial than Aloe that has been filtered, pasteurized and preserved. Every artificial treatment — whether by super-heating or by adding chemical preservatives — brings about changes to the gel that may not be desired.
  3. The closer you can get to the source of foods and personal care items, the fresher and healthier are the products. Anything designed to sit on a shelf for months or years is suspect, in our opinion. Fresh apples beat canned apples for nutritional value, and fresh and natural Aloe Verabeats preserved Aloe for the same reason. Moreover, preservatives may pose unnecessary health risks. We say “fresher is better.”